Work motivation: Alones

Work motivation alasto can significantly improve productivity when applied correctly in the workplace. We’ll introduce three theories, so please read them to the end!

Deutsche and Krause Experiment: Cooperation and Competition

  • Why is emotional pay at work important?
  • I just was fired from my job: What should I do?

Work is an essential part of life. Considering the time it takes to sleep and enjoy free time, work is a big part of life. Therefore, it is very important to be motivated to work. The workplace is where the three “work motivation theories” will be introduced later.

We already know that it is not only a way of gaining financial stability by work, but also closely related to personal satisfaction. That’s why enjoying work should be the basics. This is why it is more motivating.

Top 5 Modern Homes by Korean Architects

It is not easy to define modern housing in a word. There are many factors that can define a modern house, such as when it was built, the style and materials used in architecture, and the design of the results. However, as soon as we see a building, we often make a comment that it is “modern”. This is evidence that the image of a modern building is already in our minds, without our knowledge.

The individuality of the buildings that come into the category of modern housing is becoming increasingly diverse. Depending on the space, the use of the building adds traditional elements, and new attempts are being created to create something that has never been done before, and modern houses are evolving day by day. Today, let’s take a look at the seven examples of modern housing presented by korean architects and take a first-hand look at the diversity of modern housing that we can meet today.

What is the influence of one genre of music genre and another genre

What is the influence of one genre of music genre and another genre?

The music culture of the modern world is developed at a high level.+

Some people simply don’t express their lives without accompanying their favorite configuration with headphones.
General information

Is it true that music affects people’s world perceptionand spirit?
Today it is known. There are hundreds of subgroups as well as 17 major music genres.

And each of them has faithful listeners, lovers and fans. But why do people pay a lot of attention to music? And how does it affect the brain??
Every piece has an emotional mood and atmosphere. This may be an active incitement song or lyrics, but each will provoke an equivalent expected reaction.

For example, participants in one experiment deciphered neutral expressions as sad or funny, depending on the type of music they had previously heard.
This suggests that the melody composition can change our view of what is happening in the world and in the world. The mental and physiological levels of the organism are influenced by music.
Perhaps the reason for a person’s “violent reaction” to music is perhaps historical background. In fact, in ancient times, people were used to identify sounds as dangerous or safety signals. In other words, genetically very sensitive susceptibility to acoustic stimulation occurs genetically in humans.

Some music can be considered human-centered or nutritious, depending on the effect on a person.
Ergotoropnaya or irritant (main key, dotted rhythm, dissonance, sudden change in melody, activity, shock pulsation). Such music causes an increase in pulse and breathing, an increase in heart rate, muscle tone, skin irritation, excitation and pupil dilation.

Nutritional irritability (minor stature, coordination, low volume, no pronounced accents, smooth rhythm). These compositions contribute to pressure reduction, decreased breathing and pulse, contraction of the student, relaxation of muscle fibers, immersion, tranquility and peace in “almost meditative”.

How does music affect people?

Psychologists believe it is classical music that is most favorable to the human psyche.
Relieve stress, relieve anxiety and anxiety, restore good mood and eliminate depression in a mild form.

Young children who are transitioning to classical music are developing more intelligently and creatively.+Bach’s “Italian Concert” relieved the painful and touching, promoting quality sleep by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.


The first “acquaintance”, rock music is heavy, complex and aggressive. But this genre has a positive effect on that person.
Therefore, if brain activity increases while listening to rock songs, it is easy to cope with some tasks, and the reaction becomes lightning.
The positive impact of rock music extends to memorization.
After all, one group of people become more aggressive after listening to the rocks and the other group calms down. But if you have a mental illness, music only makes the situation worse.

Young children who are transitioning to classical music are developing more intelligently and creatively.+

Bach’s “Italian Concert” relieved the painful and touching, promoting quality sleep by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.


The first “acquaintance”, rock music is heavy, complex and aggressive. But this genre has a positive effect on that person.
Therefore, if brain activity increases while listening to rock songs, it is easy to cope with some tasks, and the reaction becomes lightning.
The positive impact of rock music extends to memorization.
After all, one group of people become more aggressive after listening to the rocks and the other group calms down. But if you have a mental illness, music only makes the situation worse.

Heavy music of heavy metals helps you to survive the crisis.
This is especially relevant for transitional-age youth.
In fact, while listening to these compositions, let the person experience vivid emotions.
For example, a humble employee can’t insult the boss and doesn’t look straight into his eyes.
And he will not be able to express his feelings. But when you hear metal negative emotions and suppressed emotions.

However, it is important to consider the factors that the metal makes the nervous system “accelerated”, increasing excitability and excitability.
Hip hop
Clear rhythms and beats, aggressive text and rebellious hip-hop spirit respond better to the minds of the younger generation.
In general, music in this genre is not dangerous unless the text is recognized as a behavioral guideline and illegal activity request.
But the rhythm of the music has a negative effect on the mental capacity of the human. The simplified short tactile begins to think in short and simple sentences unconsciously, leading to the fact that the person also thinks quickly and superficially.
The monotony of the wrap can provoke annoyance and malice.
Popular music

A pleasant melody can bring a pleasant image to your head as if you were inviting to sing a song, and it can lead to positive thoughts.
But unlike its lightness, pop music has a serious impact on the brain. People
Through more detailed and detailed research into the situation, it becomes clear that popular music makes the listener foolish. Pop elements contribute to the reduction of active areas in the brain, and stimulate damaged attention and concentration.
As a rule, pop music is easy to recognize and a man listens to it in the background.
As a result, attention is distributed and concentration problems extend to other noises, switches to background mode.

It is believed. Jazz breaks spiritual harmony. The problem is on an emotional pitch that requires proper “difference”, such as melody, climax place, etc.

As a result of frequent listening to jazz works over a long period of time, a person becomes emotionally unstable, sensitive, and obsessed with trivial things.

Club music – the conductor of aggression. It is too fast, clear and rhythmic.
When you hear a similar song, your pulse accelerates, your mind gets confused and the blood rushes toward your face.
The man is unable to control himself.

Divine music allows a person to reject external, fleeting, random thoughts, which is a soothing component.

The way to the desired figure: Fitness tips especially for women

The menstrual cycle, a softer connective tissue and less muscle mass: the female body is not only visually very different from the male. And this is also reflected in the sports units. For International Women’s Day on 8 March, Claudia Müller, head of the sports department at savita in Grevenbroich, will give valuable training tips especially for the women’s world.

Thiѕ iѕ mоѕt dеfinitеlу nоt true. Thе bеѕt hours fоr a workout аrе thе hours thаt уоu feel rеаdу tо exercise. It dоеѕn’t matter if уоu prefer working оut in thе gym in thе evenings оr if уоu prefer tо gо fоr a run bеfоrе heading tо work in thе morning. Whаt matters iѕ consistency. Studies show thаt thеrе iѕ nо rеаl difference bеtwееn morning аnd evening workouts.

Crosswords, riddles, аnd puzzles аrе nоt thе оnlу wау tо develop thе brain. Physical exercises аrе uѕеful fоr bоth thе bоdу аnd thе brain. Exercises thаt make thе blood flow faster аrе bеttеr thаn hours spent оn solving riddles. Sports hаvе bееn shown tо significantly improve a person’s mood, memory function, аnd protect frоm dementia.
Unfortunately, it dоеѕn’t work thiѕ way. Mоѕt people will lose muscle tone аftеr juѕt a one-week break frоm working out. So, еvеn whеn уоu achieve thе results уоu strived for, уоu ѕhоuldn’t givе uр exercising entirely.

Kitchen tips Seven kitchen tips you won’t forget

It’s the little kitchen tricks that make it easier for us to cook, bake and snip more. With the right technique, you can cut tomatoes so that the seeds do not end up on the board. We reveal seven kitchen tricks that you will use again and again in the future.

Cutting rick holds tomato seeds

If you want to make tomato and mozzarella on a plate, you know the problem: the seeds fall out of the tomato slices and land on the cutting board. It doesn’t look nice. But why? The mistake is that many cut the tomato up with the trunk. However, this means that the tomato seeds no longer have sufficient support. On the other hand, if you position the tomato in such a way that the strunk points to the left or right, the slices cut in such a way that the individual tomato chambers remain. The seed has enough hold on the tomato meat and does not fall out.

It is best to use a toothed knife, then you do not slip off the smooth shell and thin slices succeed. And finally: better remove the trunk of the tomato, because it contains the poison solaanin, which can lead to nausea and headaches in larger amounts

Hole trick prevents milk clatters

Milk carton on and a good shot in the coffee cup? Kleckern is usually pre-programmed. With the hole trick you can easily prevent this. For this purpose, simply pierce a small hole in the box opposite the opening with scissors or a pointed knife. In this way, enough air is fed into the carton and prevents it from “snapping for air” – which leads to a slog. By the way, the trick also works with juice cartons.

Clear ice cubes with low-oxygen water

Beautiful, clear ice cubes enhance every cocktail visually. But most of the time, they are not like those from the advertising. Why is this? At the oxygen in the water. The small oxygen bubbles form tiny caves in the ice, the cubes appear visually white and not clear. To remove the murky lime from the water, you can filter the water – or you can use still mineral water.

Afterwards, the water is boiled better, as this reduces the oxygen content. After it has cooled down, slowly fill it into the moulds to prevent air from accumulating again. Now clear ice cubes no longer stand in the way.

Lemon juice without cutting the lemon

If you only need a few splashes of lemon, you can pee a hole in the fruit with a thicker knitting needle. Now you can squeeze out as much juice as you need. This way, the lemon does not dry out and remains durable for longer. There are even small funnel-shaped attachments to buy, which can be put into the shell for this very purpose.

Thanks to Kern, the avocado does not turn brown
If you only need half an avocado, you should leave the core in the other half and wrap it with cling film. This little trick prevents the avocado from turning brown. This is because the nucleus is coated with certain enzymes. If you want to delay the tanning process with avocado cream, you can either put the core on top of it or add a few splashes of lemon juice until you serve.

By the way, the lemon juice trick also works for fruits such as bananas, apples or pears. The acidity prevents the pulp from turning brown.

With the apple trick ripenavocados faster

If you also want to make an avocado ripen faster, wrap it together with an apple in newsprint. The apple produces the ripening gas ethylene, which then also influences the avocado.

Stiffening cream without butter lumps

To prevent the cream from cloting, it should be sufficiently chilled before beating it. Even the high, narrow stirrer can be put in the fridge for a few minutes so that it no longer has room temperature. The cream should generally not be beaten for more than five minutes.

The fat content should also not be too low. At least 30 percent are recommended. If the cream doesn’t want to get firm, you can also use cream stiffness or egg white. If the cream is firm, stop immediately.

Trick Putting Eggs into a Bottle

This is not magic, but just an old trick that you really can do to put a chicken egg into a small hole in the bottle without breaking the egg.
Then display eggs in a bottle in your house, guests who don’t know the tricks will be surprised.
How to put eggs in a bottle without breaking.
a. 1 Egg
b. Glass Bottle – whose mouth is smaller / smaller than the body of an egg
c. Vinegar
d. Glass
e. Paper
f. Matches
g. Butter / oil

Egg Tricks in a Bottle

1. Put the eggs in a glass then pour vinegar vinegar so that it is completely submerged.
2. Leave the marinade for a day and night (1×24 hours). An osmosis process will occur, allegedly with the appearance of foam and bubbles on the body of the eggshell.
3. Remove the egg from the vinegar marinade
Clean by washing with tap water.
In this case, the egg feels as flexible as rubber, but be careful not to fall to the floor, because it can still break.
4. Prepare the bottle, apply butter around the top and inside the lip of the bottle (if necessary) to just make it slippery and make it easier to get eggs into the bottle.
5. Take the paper, cut out the lengthwise shape with a wide size – which can still be inserted in the mouth of the bottle.
6. Burn the tip of the paper with a match, after the fire is burning well enough, put it in the bottle.
Then immediately place the egg on the mouth of the bottle upright.
7. A vacuum occurs in the bottle due to the heat of the fire and then dies when covered by the egg.
The vacuum finally pulls the egg’s body through the small mouth of the bottle. Since the eggs are supple, the egg can finally enter by itself and then fall into the bottom of the bottle.

Wooden Bike – How to make a Wooden Bike for Children / Adults

Wooden bike? maybe it crossed your mind right away,, bikes are unique and classic with a doubt if there really is a bicycle made of wood in modern times. Actually if you go to India, many people use wood for bicycles.
These wooden bikes generally do not have to be equipped with chains, but are the same as the first bicycle version created by humans in ancient times using foot power.
In this tutorial there is no definite detail size, you can adjust the way of making this wooden bicycle with materials and sizes according to your needs, the important thing is that you can still grasp ideas and plans in making a bicycle like this so that it can be an inspiration for those of you who are trying to utilizing used wood or whatever it is to be useful items such as a bicycle.

How to make a Wooden Bike

Materials and tools:
a. wooden boards / beams of various sizes
b. long bolt and nut top down
c. wood glue
d. long saws batik wood scrubs
e. small tires for children’s bikes 2 sets
f. manual drilling machine

Process for making a wooden bicycle

1. Design Plan
Plan the wooden bicycle model that you want Maybe you can copy the wooden bike design like the picture in the picture above where the bicycle consists of:
– 2 tires
– front fork
– rear fork
– steering handlebars
– main frame rod (tilted 45 degrees)
2. Front handlebar and fork
– assembled by making two square holes on the steering handlebar and then two front fork sticks inserted in the rectangular hole.
– the lower end of the fork is made as a wheel holder.
– for mounting wheels on the front forks.
The axle is mounted on the lower part of the front fork and then locked with a long bolt so that the wheel does not come off again.
3. Rear Fork
– for rear wheel mounting…
by making a hole in the rear fork that is positioned horizontally.
– then the axle in the lock nut from the outside left and right.
4. Main Frame Holder & Rods
– for mounting the holder, consists of two wooden sticks Where the wood stand enters into a 4-hole hole in the wooden backrest.
The other end of the wood holder is made to be able to fit into the main frame of the trunk.
The main frame of the trunk consists of 2 pieces of wood as well, where at the top end to clamp the steering axle
 – Here is an example of a picture of how to attach a rear fork to the main frame stem by adding a short wooden Spacer to the left and right.
– in addition to using two tires the size of children’s bicycles, we can also replace the rear tires with 2 small wheels on the left and right that are usually used for children under five or children who cannot yet cycle.
5. Assembly
Here is an example of pre-assembly or installation of a bicycle that is still halfway so that you can check how this installation is clearer.
So how to make a wooden bicycle can be an idea and inspiration for those of you who might want to use the wood they have, or maybe even want to be serious about making handicrafts in the form of bicycles.

3 Tricks to Make Fire Using Water

What creative people can not do, if all this time we know that water vs fire is two opposing elements, but it turns out that water can be used to create fire.
Of the several types of fire-making techniques that i know of, where emergency techniques are really needed when we don’t have matches or other tools that can burn objects, such as in the forest, or other areas far from common to survive…
It turns out there is an eccentric technique that i discovered from the web of Caucasians namely Making Fire with Water or burning objects with Water. In these 3 tricks, you only need water and used goods that can be obtained anywhere.

How to Make Fire Using Water

– Provide water, not much – about half a small glass,
– Enter into clear and thin plastic. Keep plastic clear and clean before use.
– Now all you have to do is shape the plastic into a round / ball and tie it with rubber or other rope.
– Finally, use a plastic filled with water in the form of this round as an incendiary lens or an oil filter.
– make the ideal distance until the sun becomes focused at one point.
– point to combustible items such as paper, or dry straw.
It takes a little patience so it can finally burn.

TRICK 2, Make Fire Using Water

– Provide water from bottles, try to find the shape of the bottles that are round, this is ideal.
– Enter the water until it is full, the same as before, use mainly the rounded convex bottle to focus the sun’s rays as a burning lens.

TRICK 3, Make Fire Using Water

– There are no bottles of mineral water as expected, but there are former hubcaps / bohlamp lamps.
This is also good, the results are even faster than the 2 tricks above, given its perfectly round shape and made of glass as well as the lens.
– make a hole in the end of the lamp, use a screwdriver or other tool.
– Put water in the bulb until it’s full.
– Now just use this light bulb to create a focal point of sunlight like a lens or solar lens.
Note: it takes patience and wants to wait a few minutes too bro for the object to burn,
at a certain moment you will know that there is no word kesuen (over time) in an emergency / emergency / survival.
Now, all you have to do is practice one of the methods above, adjust what you have. For me the most convenient and fast results are applied to the light bulb, which in practice I can put on a rock and not have to hold on, stay watched while eating snacks, finally the paper was burned.

Flower Lights – Make Tree Lights from Bottles

Imagine a tree in your yard! there are beautiful flowers, colorful, and twinkling when night. Let’s make a decorative flower lamp on a tree that can light up beautifully with cheap materials.

Make Your own Flower Lights on Trees from Bottles

a. Some bottles, the size of 600 ml or 1. 5 liters.
b. Scissor
c. Paint + Brush or more sip use Spray paint / Acrylic paint.
d. Disco lights / decoration lights
not using lights is also not a problem, if you just want to make decorative flowers or hanging flowers.
How to make a flower light up on a tree from a plastic bottle
1. Bottle Caps
– Cut all bottle caps to access the entry of cables and lights.
For those who do not want a lamp, then it still needs to be perforated for the entry of a hanging rope or ornamental stems of wire for example.
2. Tricks to make Flowers
Cut the neck of a plastic bottle, the distance is adjusted to the width of the flower you want.
– Form 5 waves / winding section
– Continue by cutting straight towards the mouth of the bottle on each side of the wave
– Bend out the plastic bottle that has been cut 5 parts earlier… then formed 5 leaf flowers.
Color the flowers as you wish.
In the example that is using a brush, if you use spray, of course the result is more perfect.
– I recommend using red, green, orange or purple, so it’s really a beautiful flower.
3. Installation
– wrap the cord around a tree branch, and the flower lamp is ready to turn on at dusk (see the top picture).
– for decoration, hanging flowers with mattress threads or using wire stems for plastic decorative flowers.

What Food to Store in Coronavirus – SHOP SMART

This post contains my tips on which foods you should get for Coronavirus. Practical and economical suggestions so that you don’t get wild and only get a lot of food that you will never use!

What food for coronavirus stock quarantine

Whether you agree with the sock of the food or not, it’s hard to avoid thinking about it in these uncertain times.

And after sending a few long messages to some friends and readers with recommendations on what foods to order in the event of coronavirus quarantine (either mandatory or voluntary), I thought it was time to share them with all my readers.

Here it is!


Shopping at the right time – Find out when stores are doing major repairs. The hours are ideal – I’m gone at 7 a.m.

Skip the bread. Buy tortillas instead. Compact, versatile, keeps it in the pantry.

Buy supplies of cubes and powder instead of soup/broth in cartons. Cheaper and efficient space.

Know what can freeze – and what can’t. Read the list below.

Get my essential herbs and spices listed below – they are the basis of 50% of my non-Asian recipes.
Get my 5 Asian Essentials sauces listed below – covers 60% of my Asian recipes.

If you have a stock of powders and lots of spices and spices, everything can make EVERYONE delicious!

Other useful resources

Pour tortillas instead of bread. Far more spatially efficient, long durability, incredibly versatile.

What food for coronavirus stock quarantine

This is a general list of tips and tips for foods that form the basis of many recipes. See above for links to specific prepared lists.

first How long in stock

At the time of writing, the authorities require a quarantine period of 2 weeks, so I add a clipboard and round it up to 2.5 to 3 weeks.

Be reasonable if you have supplies. You won’t starve, you just can’t eat exactly what you want if you want to use this time as an opportunity to creatively strive for what you have!

Take dried beans instead of cans. Cheaper and efficient space.
2. Ways to save space and costs
Storage is the ultimate storage code. Here are my top tips for space-saving foods:
Dried beans instead of cans (tip: Go to whole places like food tablespoons, they are slightly more expensive, but since yesterday full of all the soup beans.)
Cube sands and powder (bouillon) instead of a box of liquid soup / broth (1 cube / 1 teaspoon powder in 1 cup boiling water = 1 cup liquid broth / soup)
Whisk tomato paste over canned tomatoes or pasta (1.5 tablespoons flour with 1/4 cup of water until the lump is left. Then mix 1 1/4 cup water, 4 tablespoons tomato paste and 1.5 tablespoons sugar. Place on the stove until not to thicken to a lump consistency. Instead, use 1 can of crushed tomato.
Milk powder instead of fresh milk or long-lived milk cartons
Tortillas instead of bread – No cooling required, very versatile. All things Mexican, lunch wraps or ham and eggs breakfast pockets someone?
Dust and powder cubes are much more space-saving and cost-effective than carton fluid.
Be flexible when cooking. Free to replace. Skip the smaller ingredients used in small quantities. Focus on the main ingredients!
3. Use the freezer selectively
If you don’t have a freezer, a freezer and a refrigerator is a valuable feature. Therefore, use them for things you can’t buy (or reject!). Buy cans (such as meat).
Skip the big roasts – bones in chicken thighs and drumsticks instead of whole chickens, chops instead of bones in lamb
Freshly frozen frozen vegetables – Frozen peas and vegetable cubes are much more effective than broccoli and cauliflower.
Get the stuff out of the box like frozen spinach. More space efficient!
Chop your own vegetables so you can pack them effectively. See the list for freezing vegetables.
4. Dairy & Delicatessen
Always have extra eggs ready – perhaps the most versatile ingredient you can buy, and a shelf life of several weeks. From breakfast to baking, from fryto quiche, from fried rice to soup. If you have many eggs, you just can’t do anything wrong! Since they don’t last for months, buy a few weeks worth and continue driving through them.
Milk – Milk powder most effective place most effectively. Otherwise get long-lasting milk. You can also freeze fresh milk (it takes up a lot of space!)
Cream – freeze!
Fresh butter – get enough to distribute it, cook and bake meals (you will certainly have time!). It can also be frozen.
Chopped cheese – freeze. (Some cheese blocks change shape after freezing, best cut into slices). Lots of shopping! 😂
Parmesan – Buy a pre-ground variety and freeze it (if it comes out of the fridge) or buy it from the
pasta aisle (it may not be a real cheese, but it’s delicious, and hey, these are desperate times!). You will find that I often use them in my recipes!
Bacon / bacon pieces and ham – freeze
If there had ever been a time to skip eating and cooking your own food, it would be now

5. Basics of herbs and spices

Here are the most commonly used herbs and spices that are common in my recipes

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Cumin
  • Coriander
  • Pepper
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Cayenne pepper (or chilli powder)
  • Beef and chicken broth powder or broth cubes (1 cube or 1 teaspoon powder in 1 cup / 250 ml boiling water = 1 cup broth / soup)

6. Asian Essences (60% Coverage of Asian Recipes)

The following sauces cover about 60% of the sauces from Asian recipes on my website:

  • Light and dark soy sauce
  • Chinese cooking wine (shocking wine) and / or mirin or dry sherp
  • Travelling vinegar,
  • Oyster sauce
  • Sesame oil