4 Ways to Decorate a 2 × 2 Size Bedroom to be Neat

Having a bedroom that is comfortable and also pleasing to the eye is certainly a dream of everyone. A  bedroom that feels comfortable can provide comfort while resting while supporting daily activities in the room.

Decorate a Bedroom to be Neat

1. Avoid the Mattress

How to arrange a 2 x 2 bedroom size the first thing you can do is to avoid using a mattress bed as a basket. This method is fairly simple but effective so that the actual small bedroom can be expanded more broadly.
If there is a divan in the room, then the room can be made smaller and claustrophobic which would disrupt activities. You can use the concept of a minimalist room like Japanese style that does not use a couch in the bedroom as a way to organize a narrow bedroom.
Japanese-style minimalist house using a floor mat as a place to sleep. How to save this room you can also apply so that you can still put other more useful furniture in your bedroom.

2. Use the Spring Bed Floor

The next way you can do to arrange a 2 × 2 bedroom is to use a spring bed floor as a bed base. Using a spring bed floor directly as a bed base can help you to save space in the room area.
Although it seems simple, but actually this method is powerful enough to make your bedroom look more spacious. The concept of this floor bed you can design at will so that the look of your bedroom can look modern and minimalist at the same time.

3. Use a Cupboard Cabinet

In order to make a tiny 2 × 2 bedroom look more comfortable, then you can use an attached cupboard as a way to organize a narrow room. This cabinet is a piece of furniture that is in the room and is usually used to store books, clothes and so on.
But unfortunately, adding a closet as a 2 × 2 bedroom interior furniture makes the size of the bedroom narrow, so the smart way to deal with it is to use a cupboard attached to the bedroom wall.
So that the results can be optimized, you can also use functional furniture such as cabinets that are combined with a desk to save bedroom space. By using multifunctional furniture for the bedroom, then with the right arrangement can make your bedroom a minimalist modern style.

4. Putting Some Accessories

The next effective way to arrange a bedroom is in matters of interior decoration of a 2 × 2 bedroom size is to put some accessories so that the appearance of the tiny room can look more attractive. But the important thing you should pay attention to is not to wear decorations that are too large because it can make the atmosphere of the bedroom too crowded and full.
You can wear one to several bedroom decorations such as wearing paintings and various other wall hangings so that the bedroom can look more beautiful.

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