4 Ways to Decorate a Narrow Bedroom

Wall Decoration Of Used Goods for bedroom designs, not merely a negative connotation. There are many disposable items with good condition. For example, just a plastic plate glass spoon, jam bottle, cosmetic container, and so forth. Just like choosing a house that requires foresight, you must know in advance tips on buying a used and new home. You also need to be observant and creative in how to decorate rooms. By utilizing used goods that are still good and multifunctional, you can easily arrange and organize your home.

Here we summarize 8 ways to decorate a bedroom from used items that are still in use to inspire your creative ideas for a unique and attractive Bedroom Interior design.

Decorate a Narrow Bedroom

1. Lamp from a plastic spoon

You can use a disposable plastic spoon as a decorative light in your room. How to decorate rooms cheaply and creatively, right? Follow these two steps:
First, collect the white plastic spoon and the head of the spoon. Second, stack the spoon head outside the gallon of mineral water that is not used. Now, be a unique decorative lamp by your own hands. You no longer need to buy expensive decorative lighting for your room.
In addition to decorating the room with unique and attractive decorative lighting, you have enough to save the contents of the wallet. Talking about saving the cost of daily house expenses, one way is to make plans for the use of electricity in the house. 

2. Wallpaper from old sheets

How to decorate a bedroom with the most common way to make a wall decoration is with wallpaper. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of using wallpaper walls, before you decide. There are ways to decorate rooms and tips for choosing the most appropriate, cheap and easy wallpaper for the bedroom by using wallpaper from old sheets. This is perfect for Minimalist Bedroom Designs. 
First, iron the old sheets so you don’t see any creases. Then apply wall glue with a brush to the back of the sheets, starting at the very top first. Gently stick the end of the sheet to the upper wall. Ask for another help to stick the other end of the sheet together, so the results are neat. Little by little, apply wall glue thoroughly on the back of the sheets and stick it thoroughly and neatly so that no air bubbles appear to be trapped inside.
This container can also be used as a pencil holder. Place it on your children’s study desk. Their room will look more attractive.

3. Curtain from CD

The way to decorate the third room is with a CD curtain. Take advantage of old unused Cds and Dvds for more value. The method is quite easy for you to apply.
First, cover the front side of the CD with colored or patterned paper that you like. Then, scrape the pieces of Cds and Dvds with nylon thread so that they are not easily separated. Make several roncean of the same length for your room or window curtains. Can also make different variations of the length of Roncean. Then attach it to the door and window frames.
Before installing the DVD CD curtain, check your window and door sills for termites.

4. Dressers from piles of magazines

Still have a bunch of used magazines that you don’t use? You can use it as your dressing table bench. This is a pretty sweet way to decorate a room. The way is easy enough.

First of all, heaps of magazines that are the same size and size as one as high as 50 centimeters. Next add the padding at the top so it is comfortable to sit on. As for the bottom of the bench, prepare a wooden board. Tie each of the two ends with an unused belt to make it neat. Finally attach four logs to the bench legs. You can order wood feet at a carpenter for a variety of unique shapes or make your own.

This kind of homemade benches aside from being a solution to decorate rooms with unique used items, you can also make a bench in the living room. Especially for Minimalist Living room Designs that are unique and attractive.

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