Beautiful DIY Paper Flowers

Here are ways to make beautiful flower from paper, here I share 3 ideas and these flowers will make your wall look beautiful even if it is made of paper.

How to Make Beautiful Flowers from Wallpaper

1. Flowers From Newspapers
– Prepare old newspapers, scissors, rulers, pencils, cutter knives, glue, and also Quilling needles (a needle used to roll paper)
– Or you can use a stick, how to do it is by splitting the stick with a knife into two parts, but do not let the ends of the sticks also cut
– Then the newspaper scissors into a small size with a width of 7 mm. Try to make the scissors the same length and neat newspaper, use a ruler to help tidy it up
– After that, roll the newspaper using the help of a quilling needle or a stick, then spread the roll about 1 cm in diameter
– Next fold the cone one part or side of the circle to form flower petals.
– Make the same 5 petals and arrange them in a circle to form a flower using glue as an adhesive
– Make some flowers like that and arrange them on the wall using glue as the glue
– And be a decorative flower wall of used newspaper that is unique and beautiful

2. Roses from Newspapers
How to make rose-shaped wall decoration from old newspapers are:
– Prepare used newspaper
– Also prepare sticks, glue, pencils, and also scissors
– After preparing the tools and ingredients, make a rose petal pattern using a pencil
– Make two petal pattern shapes namely heart shape and normal petals in general
– After that, the ends of each lid are rolled slightly with the help of a stick
– Next stick one ordinary flower petal on the end of the stick using glue and continue to follow with the other petals with the direction of turning until the petals run out and rose
– You can also add leaf accents to the rose open stems
– Cut used newspaper in the form of leaves and each end of the leaf is made a little long to be attached to the stem of a rose
– Then color using crayons
– After that, put some leaves on the rose stalk from used newspaper
– Make as many roses as you want and store the newspaper roses in a flower vase
– Or you can arrange roses on your wall

3. Rose from Tissue Cartons
Tissue for ordinary toilet using roll tissue, when the tissue runs out then the carton is left. Do not rush to throw away because it can be used as wall hangings in your home, let’s look at the way below:
– Prepare 5 used cartons of tissue
– Also prepare scissors, paint colors, and glue
– After all the ingredients are ready, scissor used tissue cartons into 6 parts of the same size, then we get 30 pieces of used tissue cartons
– Then glue one end of the used cardboard tissue to the other piece to form a flower like in the picture using glue gun
– Combine all the flowers into one flower arrangement
– Prepare paint colors with rainbow colors or colors that you like
– Paint all parts of used tissue cardboard using color paint
– When coloring, coat the bottom using old newspapers so the paint doesn’t drip on the floor
– Let stand for 20 minutes until the paint dries
– Then attach flower arrangements from used tissue cartons to the walls using gun glue
– There are so many types of paper that we can use to be made at home. Through creativity can come up with new ideas. Who knows from the accuracy of making art, one day can be used as a business. 

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