How to Arrange a Narrow Room to be Beautiful

Because of the difficulty of finding residential land also makes many people prefer the minimalist concept for their dwelling with a house size that is not too broad. Because of the limited land, the size of the bedroom made is also of course minimalist like 2×2. So that you are not mistaken, we will give you the following ways to arrange a 2 × 2 bedroom size that you can do.

How to Arrange a Narrow Room to be Beautiful

1. Color Selection
In arranging a small bedroom such as 2 × 2, the color certainly cannot be forgotten to be applied into the bedroom. Wall paint colors will affect the interior of your bedroom.
For color selection, you should use lighter colors to give a spacious impression in the bedroom. Some colors that you can use include white, green, blue, yellow and several other bright colors.

2. Furniture Position
In arranging a 2 × 2 size bedroom decor, bedroom furniture should be positioned in one corner of the room. Avoid putting furniture in the middle of the room because it will make the bedroom look crowded. While for the mattress, you should be positioned attached to the closet on the wall of your bedroom.

3. Lighting

One other important factor in designing a 2 × 2 bedroom interior is about indoor lighting. Lighting must be arranged in such a way as to give a bright impression on the room so that it will look much wider.
You can use a light bulb that is bright enough for bedroom lighting. Avoid the impression of a dim or gloomy bedroom in a cramped bedroom like 2 × 2.

4. Avoid Too many Colors
Although the concept of a small bedroom interior design should use bright colors, you should not use too many colors. For example, avoid using colors that are more than two colors or using furniture with contrasting color choices. This not only makes the bedroom seem full but can also reduce comfort.
It is better to choose soft colors and also choose bright colors or light-colored with gradations of color that do not have too much difference.

5. Take advantage of the walls and under the bed
So that all parts of a small bedroom can be used properly, then take advantage of the side walls and also the gap or the bottom of your bed. You can use the side of the table to learn by using wood and taped to the wall of a room close to the larger media. This can later add to the aesthetics and increase the impression of width in your bedroom.
In addition, also use the gap or under the bed. Besides being able to save space but also reduce costs for furniture. In addition, utilizing the area under the bed will also be able to provide its own aesthetic value in your bedroom.

6. Take advantage of the Top of the Bed
A simple minimalist bedroom design can also use the top or room as a cabinet to store various items so that the bottom of the room can be more impressed width.
The bottom of the bedroom is crowded and crowded with a variety of knick knacks will only trouble you when cleaning the bottom of the bedroom everyday.
Some ways to arrange a 2 × 2 bedroom size that we have explained above can be applied to your residential bedroom which is also 2 × 2 or small. Hopefully it can be useful and you can apply easily.

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