How to Make Window Decoration from Origami Paper
Origami can make you forget the time but the results are extraordinary. Especially if you also want to show the work of origami to others by installing it in the window. The concept for making this paper decoration must be in accordance with the way to make the window so that it really looks very harmonious. The following are some of the easiest ways to make window decorations from origami paper.

How to make Window Decoration from Origami Paper

1. Cherry Blossoms from Origami Paper
Cherry blossoms will definitely decorate your window very, very beautifully. Decoration with the cherry blossom model is also suitable for some parts of the window such as for private rooms or children’s bedrooms. This decoration is also the concept for the most suitable minimalist home design. Now do it like this:
– Pink origami paper is folded vertically in half. Do this process correctly so that the end result is not wrong.
– Fold the one corner down into a triangle. Then from the top you can see there is a layer of paper that will be used as flower petals.
– Fold the bottom corner again but for the back paper.
– Cut the opposite sides that have been formed into triangles. Save this triangle piece.
– Cut the piece of paper that connects to the two triangles. Separate from each flower petal.
– Attach each petal by pressing the center of the flower together.
– Add the cut triangle to the center of the flower and the cherry blossoms are done.

2. Butterfly from Origami Paper
Apart from cherry blossoms, you can also make very beautiful butterfly shapes. Butterfly model is suitable for walls that are only given ordinary color paint or wallpaper. If you want to give ornamentation to the wall, then the function of the home wallpaper can indeed be applied. Here’s how to make a butterfly that can be arranged and attached to a window.
– Prepare the material, which is a bright color rectangular origami paper and paper glue.
– Fold the paper to the same size from top to bottom and from the edge to the middle.
– Unfold the paper so that it helps four small squares.
– Fold the paper again diagonally and open the folds again.
– Then try pressing in the middle of the paper towards the middle and folding the bottom and the top up to form a triangle.
– Fold back in the middle and put upwards then fold again from the end to the bottom. Insert each end of the paper into the paper folds.
– Hold for two types of folded sides then make the paper stand like a silent or flying butterfly motion.

3. Stars from Origami Paper
Origami from paper can also be made in the shape of a star. This star can be installed for a child’s room window. Stars can be made of brightly colored paper or gold-colored paper. When you have been given a rope and installed in the window, it can also be given decorative lights to give the impression of a star that lights up when the room lights are turned off. This decoration model is also suitable for various bedroom designs. Here’s how to make it.
– Cut origami paper with a length of 10 cm and a width of 1 cm.
– Then fold each end of the paper towards the top so that it forms like a rope, but don’t fold too tight.
– Flip the rope that has been made and put the remaining paper in the direction of the knot. Repeat this step until you form a pentagon if put together.
– Then develop the paper into a star by pressing each of the five sides that meet.
– Now it’s ready and decoration can be given a rope and hung on the window.

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