Top 5 Modern Homes by Korean Architects

It is not easy to define modern housing in a word. There are many factors that can define a modern house, such as when it was built, the style and materials used in architecture, and the design of the results. However, as soon as we see a building, we often make a comment that it is “modern”. This is evidence that the image of a modern building is already in our minds, without our knowledge.

The individuality of the buildings that come into the category of modern housing is becoming increasingly diverse. Depending on the space, the use of the building adds traditional elements, and new attempts are being created to create something that has never been done before, and modern houses are evolving day by day. Today, let’s take a look at the seven examples of modern housing presented by korean architects and take a first-hand look at the diversity of modern housing that we can meet today.

8 Absolutely Effective makeup Hacks to Improve Your morning Preparation

Hey my dear fashionistas, I’m so happy to share with you what I found some time ago when I searched the internet for smart and beautiful make-up hacks.I’m sure you can add some free time with these useful tips and impress with little effort.Below you can see simple ways to naturally grow your eyelashes in just one step to make an inner eye a highlighter that doesn’t look unnatural and so on and so forth. Really useful ideas that every girl should know. Enjoy!

1.How to grow your eyelashes in one step!


3. Mix a concealer with a gold eyeshadow to make an inner eye a highlighter that doesn’t look unnatural.

4. If your lipstick is deformed after the point where it does not return, formulate it into a clean lip gloss pot and store it there.

5. Create the look of thicker brows by using a mascara in the same color of your bows to darken, fill and set.

6. Augenhohepunkte

7. Fake Lashes LOok

8. EyeliNer

9 Super Useful Beauty Tips You Need to Try for a Flawless Look

9 super useful beauty tips you need to try for a flawless look

Ladies, it’s time to improve your daily beauty routine. It’s time to give some time to all the things that connect you to beauty every day. And the most important thing is the time to look flawless without spending too much time, effort and money.
Our team has a wonderful collection of tips that will help you. For example, you will see how you can easily remove your old, bad acrylic nails. You can also see how to light up your hair at home and make a fantastic refreshment for the hair and so on.
Scroll through this article and enjoy it!

1.How to repair a broken nail!

2. Open up mascara.

3.Remove acrylic or gel nails only with floss

4.How to brighten your hair naturally at home

5. Get rid of blackheads with Vaseline and transparent plastic

6.Pull your hair into a ponytail and iron the twist to make waves

7. How to get: a thick bohemian braid

8. Run a dryer blade over your hair or clothing (e.g. hats) to avoid static charging.