Kitchen tips Seven kitchen tips you won’t forget

It’s the little kitchen tricks that make it easier for us to cook, bake and snip more. With the right technique, you can cut tomatoes so that the seeds do not end up on the board. We reveal seven kitchen tricks that you will use again and again in the future.

Cutting rick holds tomato seeds

If you want to make tomato and mozzarella on a plate, you know the problem: the seeds fall out of the tomato slices and land on the cutting board. It doesn’t look nice. But why? The mistake is that many cut the tomato up with the trunk. However, this means that the tomato seeds no longer have sufficient support. On the other hand, if you position the tomato in such a way that the strunk points to the left or right, the slices cut in such a way that the individual tomato chambers remain. The seed has enough hold on the tomato meat and does not fall out.

It is best to use a toothed knife, then you do not slip off the smooth shell and thin slices succeed. And finally: better remove the trunk of the tomato, because it contains the poison solaanin, which can lead to nausea and headaches in larger amounts

Hole trick prevents milk clatters

Milk carton on and a good shot in the coffee cup? Kleckern is usually pre-programmed. With the hole trick you can easily prevent this. For this purpose, simply pierce a small hole in the box opposite the opening with scissors or a pointed knife. In this way, enough air is fed into the carton and prevents it from “snapping for air” – which leads to a slog. By the way, the trick also works with juice cartons.

Clear ice cubes with low-oxygen water

Beautiful, clear ice cubes enhance every cocktail visually. But most of the time, they are not like those from the advertising. Why is this? At the oxygen in the water. The small oxygen bubbles form tiny caves in the ice, the cubes appear visually white and not clear. To remove the murky lime from the water, you can filter the water – or you can use still mineral water.

Afterwards, the water is boiled better, as this reduces the oxygen content. After it has cooled down, slowly fill it into the moulds to prevent air from accumulating again. Now clear ice cubes no longer stand in the way.

Lemon juice without cutting the lemon

If you only need a few splashes of lemon, you can pee a hole in the fruit with a thicker knitting needle. Now you can squeeze out as much juice as you need. This way, the lemon does not dry out and remains durable for longer. There are even small funnel-shaped attachments to buy, which can be put into the shell for this very purpose.

Thanks to Kern, the avocado does not turn brown
If you only need half an avocado, you should leave the core in the other half and wrap it with cling film. This little trick prevents the avocado from turning brown. This is because the nucleus is coated with certain enzymes. If you want to delay the tanning process with avocado cream, you can either put the core on top of it or add a few splashes of lemon juice until you serve.

By the way, the lemon juice trick also works for fruits such as bananas, apples or pears. The acidity prevents the pulp from turning brown.

With the apple trick ripenavocados faster

If you also want to make an avocado ripen faster, wrap it together with an apple in newsprint. The apple produces the ripening gas ethylene, which then also influences the avocado.

Stiffening cream without butter lumps

To prevent the cream from cloting, it should be sufficiently chilled before beating it. Even the high, narrow stirrer can be put in the fridge for a few minutes so that it no longer has room temperature. The cream should generally not be beaten for more than five minutes.

The fat content should also not be too low. At least 30 percent are recommended. If the cream doesn’t want to get firm, you can also use cream stiffness or egg white. If the cream is firm, stop immediately.

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