Trick Putting Eggs into a Bottle

This is not magic, but just an old trick that you really can do to put a chicken egg into a small hole in the bottle without breaking the egg.
Then display eggs in a bottle in your house, guests who don’t know the tricks will be surprised.
How to put eggs in a bottle without breaking.
a. 1 Egg
b. Glass Bottle – whose mouth is smaller / smaller than the body of an egg
c. Vinegar
d. Glass
e. Paper
f. Matches
g. Butter / oil

Egg Tricks in a Bottle

1. Put the eggs in a glass then pour vinegar vinegar so that it is completely submerged.
2. Leave the marinade for a day and night (1×24 hours). An osmosis process will occur, allegedly with the appearance of foam and bubbles on the body of the eggshell.
3. Remove the egg from the vinegar marinade
Clean by washing with tap water.
In this case, the egg feels as flexible as rubber, but be careful not to fall to the floor, because it can still break.
4. Prepare the bottle, apply butter around the top and inside the lip of the bottle (if necessary) to just make it slippery and make it easier to get eggs into the bottle.
5. Take the paper, cut out the lengthwise shape with a wide size – which can still be inserted in the mouth of the bottle.
6. Burn the tip of the paper with a match, after the fire is burning well enough, put it in the bottle.
Then immediately place the egg on the mouth of the bottle upright.
7. A vacuum occurs in the bottle due to the heat of the fire and then dies when covered by the egg.
The vacuum finally pulls the egg’s body through the small mouth of the bottle. Since the eggs are supple, the egg can finally enter by itself and then fall into the bottom of the bottle.

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