Wooden Bike – How to make a Wooden Bike for Children / Adults

Wooden bike? maybe it crossed your mind right away,, bikes are unique and classic with a doubt if there really is a bicycle made of wood in modern times. Actually if you go to India, many people use wood for bicycles.
These wooden bikes generally do not have to be equipped with chains, but are the same as the first bicycle version created by humans in ancient times using foot power.
In this tutorial there is no definite detail size, you can adjust the way of making this wooden bicycle with materials and sizes according to your needs, the important thing is that you can still grasp ideas and plans in making a bicycle like this so that it can be an inspiration for those of you who are trying to utilizing used wood or whatever it is to be useful items such as a bicycle.

How to make a Wooden Bike

Materials and tools:
a. wooden boards / beams of various sizes
b. long bolt and nut top down
c. wood glue
d. long saws batik wood scrubs
e. small tires for children’s bikes 2 sets
f. manual drilling machine

Process for making a wooden bicycle

1. Design Plan
Plan the wooden bicycle model that you want Maybe you can copy the wooden bike design like the picture in the picture above where the bicycle consists of:
– 2 tires
– front fork
– rear fork
– steering handlebars
– main frame rod (tilted 45 degrees)
2. Front handlebar and fork
– assembled by making two square holes on the steering handlebar and then two front fork sticks inserted in the rectangular hole.
– the lower end of the fork is made as a wheel holder.
– for mounting wheels on the front forks.
The axle is mounted on the lower part of the front fork and then locked with a long bolt so that the wheel does not come off again.
3. Rear Fork
– for rear wheel mounting…
by making a hole in the rear fork that is positioned horizontally.
– then the axle in the lock nut from the outside left and right.
4. Main Frame Holder & Rods
– for mounting the holder, consists of two wooden sticks Where the wood stand enters into a 4-hole hole in the wooden backrest.
The other end of the wood holder is made to be able to fit into the main frame of the trunk.
The main frame of the trunk consists of 2 pieces of wood as well, where at the top end to clamp the steering axle
 – Here is an example of a picture of how to attach a rear fork to the main frame stem by adding a short wooden Spacer to the left and right.
– in addition to using two tires the size of children’s bicycles, we can also replace the rear tires with 2 small wheels on the left and right that are usually used for children under five or children who cannot yet cycle.
5. Assembly
Here is an example of pre-assembly or installation of a bicycle that is still halfway so that you can check how this installation is clearer.
So how to make a wooden bicycle can be an idea and inspiration for those of you who might want to use the wood they have, or maybe even want to be serious about making handicrafts in the form of bicycles.

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