3 Tricks to Make Fire Using Water

What creative people can not do, if all this time we know that water vs fire is two opposing elements, but it turns out that water can be used to create fire.
Of the several types of fire-making techniques that i know of, where emergency techniques are really needed when we don’t have matches or other tools that can burn objects, such as in the forest, or other areas far from common to survive…
It turns out there is an eccentric technique that i discovered from the web of Caucasians namely Making Fire with Water or burning objects with Water. In these 3 tricks, you only need water and used goods that can be obtained anywhere.

How to Make Fire Using Water

– Provide water, not much – about half a small glass,
– Enter into clear and thin plastic. Keep plastic clear and clean before use.
– Now all you have to do is shape the plastic into a round / ball and tie it with rubber or other rope.
– Finally, use a plastic filled with water in the form of this round as an incendiary lens or an oil filter.
– make the ideal distance until the sun becomes focused at one point.
– point to combustible items such as paper, or dry straw.
It takes a little patience so it can finally burn.

TRICK 2, Make Fire Using Water

– Provide water from bottles, try to find the shape of the bottles that are round, this is ideal.
– Enter the water until it is full, the same as before, use mainly the rounded convex bottle to focus the sun’s rays as a burning lens.

TRICK 3, Make Fire Using Water

– There are no bottles of mineral water as expected, but there are former hubcaps / bohlamp lamps.
This is also good, the results are even faster than the 2 tricks above, given its perfectly round shape and made of glass as well as the lens.
– make a hole in the end of the lamp, use a screwdriver or other tool.
– Put water in the bulb until it’s full.
– Now just use this light bulb to create a focal point of sunlight like a lens or solar lens.
Note: it takes patience and wants to wait a few minutes too bro for the object to burn,
at a certain moment you will know that there is no word kesuen (over time) in an emergency / emergency / survival.
Now, all you have to do is practice one of the methods above, adjust what you have. For me the most convenient and fast results are applied to the light bulb, which in practice I can put on a rock and not have to hold on, stay watched while eating snacks, finally the paper was burned.

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