Flower Lights – Make Tree Lights from Bottles

Imagine a tree in your yard! there are beautiful flowers, colorful, and twinkling when night. Let’s make a decorative flower lamp on a tree that can light up beautifully with cheap materials.

Make Your own Flower Lights on Trees from Bottles

a. Some bottles, the size of 600 ml or 1. 5 liters.
b. Scissor
c. Paint + Brush or more sip use Spray paint / Acrylic paint.
d. Disco lights / decoration lights
not using lights is also not a problem, if you just want to make decorative flowers or hanging flowers.
How to make a flower light up on a tree from a plastic bottle
1. Bottle Caps
– Cut all bottle caps to access the entry of cables and lights.
For those who do not want a lamp, then it still needs to be perforated for the entry of a hanging rope or ornamental stems of wire for example.
2. Tricks to make Flowers
Cut the neck of a plastic bottle, the distance is adjusted to the width of the flower you want.
– Form 5 waves / winding section
– Continue by cutting straight towards the mouth of the bottle on each side of the wave
– Bend out the plastic bottle that has been cut 5 parts earlier… then formed 5 leaf flowers.
Color the flowers as you wish.
In the example that is using a brush, if you use spray, of course the result is more perfect.
– I recommend using red, green, orange or purple, so it’s really a beautiful flower.
3. Installation
– wrap the cord around a tree branch, and the flower lamp is ready to turn on at dusk (see the top picture).
– for decoration, hanging flowers with mattress threads or using wire stems for plastic decorative flowers.

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