25 creative ways to recycle old plastic bottles

Recycling is important, which is a message that comes to mind at a young age. However, it is sometimes difficult to motivate yourself to recycle plastics such as water and soda bottles when you never see the benefits in them.

Own recycling projects are a great way to recycle these harmful plastics and thus protect the environment. It is also a fantastic way to get to know the value of recycling and give materials a new life. And if that wasn’t big enough, DIY recycling projects can make new parts that are practical and useful, saving money. These crafts are usually unique as it is very unlikely that someone has done exactly the same piece as you.

Need inspiration before you start hoarding soda bottles? These projects will make you bubble with ideas, we can promise you that.

Geometric Plastic Bag Holder & Dispenser

Do you happen to use a lot of plastic bags, drink a lot of soda and have tons of CDs that you never hear again? Then this project is one you want to do. This holder and dispenser is just as good and functional as the ones you can get out of the store, but it no longer costs you money and actually helps you get rid of clutter. about ourpeacefulplanet .

DIY plastic bottle toy basket

Large water bottles are an obvious choice if you need an improvised bucket. This isn’t just any bucket, but it’s still quite easy when you cut off the top of the bottle and add a nice, funny ornament and some handles with fabric or band. It will be a cool and cost-effective way to store smaller toys or childcare supplies.

Platic Bottle Processed Drop Catcher

Waste water is almost as harmful to the environment as the non-recycling of plastics. With this project, which consists of a cut and painted bottle, you can collect the drop from your faucet and reuse it, for example, for watering plants.

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