How to Make Flowers from Wood – Wood Flower

Let’s learn to make flowers from unusual materials, which is how to make your own flowers from wood. The result is unique, no less good with flowers from other materials.

How to make Flowers from Wood

Required materials:
a. Veneer
Veneer is thin wood sheets, buy a thickness of 0. 5 mm (1/2 mm) small size (about the size of paper) many are sold in wood stores, super market buildings or buy too many online.
Buy a minimum of 2 colors, namely, dark colors and light colors so that later making the flowers more cool.
Buy any wood veneer, whatever, for example, oak tree veneer.
b. Shears
c. wire (optional)
d. Glue gun or other super glue.
e. Crock (commonly used for cooking noodles)
f. Small logs (6 mm) or hand of real trees.

Make Your own Roses from Wood Veneer – DIY Wood Rose

1. Cooking
– Prepare veneers (thin wood sheets) 2 colors.
– Enter in a pan to cook a few minutes.
Turn off the stove once the veneer starts to bend slightly due to heat.
2. Formation
Due to heating, the wood veneer sheet becomes softer and easier to shape.
– Cut oval / round shaped like rose petals with several different sizes, some are small and some are wide, numbering around 13 seeds.
– Use round hollow objects (for example, small glasses) which can be used as a mall to form wooden veneer petals to become curved.
– Allow a few hours for the wood to dry itself and bend more permanently, then please remove all the veneers from the round mall.
3. Flower Petals Making
– Curved wood veneers are combined and arranged to form roses.
(the wider part of the wood veneer sheet is placed on the outside, the smaller one on the inside).
4. Making Stems and Leaves
– Prepare a 6 mm diameter log, cut it into 3 sections with 3 different incision angles, then reconnect with rotated sambi glue to form a different angle, so that it forms like a real tree branch.
– I suggest that you can use real plant branches if you don’t want to be bothered making wood.
– The remaining veneer sheets are cut to form leaves, minimum 2 pieces.
– the leaves of the wood are attached to the wooden flower tangakai with the help of glue, or can also be tied with a wire wrapped around the stem tangakai flowers.
5. Series
– Finally, a series of wooden roses at the ends of the stems using strong glue.
– for beautiful room decoration, and so that the flower does not collapse, can be placed in a mini pot or give a small board as a base plate is also appropriate.

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