Flower Vase from Flannel

The living room table or dining table becomes more beautiful with a unique flower vase made from flannel cloth, especially if filled with living plants will certainly add to the freshness of the atmosphere. This beautiful vase from flannel fabric does not require sewing, you can create other shapes.

How to

 make beautiful flower vases from flannel fabric without sewing

a. Thick flannelette (for example 6 mm or at least 5 mm) – gray color
b. Wood glue, for example, that i know is the UHU brand
c. Kapi (can be from pieces of used cardboard) for glueing
d. Pencils / markers and Scissors

Making Flannel Vase Flower Vase

1. Drawing
Make a picture of an oval shape standing on a flannel cloth with dimensions of about 10 cm high and 8 cm wide by 2 sheets.
– Continue making the same shape with the size offset into (shrink) about 1 cm by 2 pieces as well (9 cm x 9 cm).
– Repeat / Continue to reduce the oval shape in a sequence that is 8cm, 7cm, 6cm, until the last is 5 cm x 5 cm (oval).
Each size is made double (2 pieces) so that a total of 12 pieces of oval flannel cloth will be collected.
– Add additional lines to the oval image so that it forms a letter “U” on the flannel fabric that is 10 cm (2 lbr) and 9 cm (2 lbr).
This U-shape is for the flower / flower entry room.
2. Cutting
It’s time to cut all the flannel cloth (12 pieces) according to the image that has been made.
Please try to combine all the pieces together in sequence – The largest size of the letter U shape in the middle, then on the left and right, affixed with flannel that is getting smaller in size,
If the shape and size are suitable, then we can continue to make it permanent.
3. Assembly
Brush each piece of flannel with wood glue.
– read the rules of use, how long and how long it takes for glue gluing.
– after the time comes… put all the pieces together and overlap with a rather heavy load for some time in the pile / combined flannel so that the glue is permanently fixed.
– Finally, put a bunch of ornamental flowers into this decorative pot.

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