Branch Lights – Make Decorative Lights from Tree Branches

In this article, we will learn to make a mini light-studded tree which is at the same time an elegant decorative lamp where its beauty is no less than miniature lamps that are sold in the market.
You do not have to have a real tree to bring natural beauty in the room of your house, just make a miniature of the tree from a branch of a makeshift tree.

How to Make Lighted Tree Branch

a. Glass bottles / long jars / tall glasses / Other glass canisters.
– which item you use, will determine how big / small this decorative light is.
– For bottles and jars, there is a smaller part (neck of the bottle), please cut or leave it as is.
– For bottle cutting can be done by reading our previous post on… Glass Bottle Cutting Tricks.
b. Used cardboard sheets or flannel
c. Thick cement / wood / plastic / cork – for vase foundation
d. drill tool / hand drill
e. Tree branch (random)
f. Led string (led strip lights)
g. Black paint / spray.

How to make a glowing ornamental tree in a glass jar

1. Making Foundation Vases
– In this tutorial, what is used is cement that is self-molded into a round shape with a hole in the center (hollow).
– Please if you want to use wood / other as the foundation of this decorative lamp.
– Make a hole in the bottom as access to the entry of the led lamp cable from above.
– Finally Attach a cardboard sheet or round flannelette to the bottom of the foundation of this vase, its function is as a scratch resistant (so as not to hurt the table / other areas when the vase is moved to move)
2. Find Tree Branches / Plants
– Look for traces of branches around the house / village.
– cut and adjust to the existing glass tube.
– Paint the branch with black, this dark color can display contrast (as a tree trunk) the next time the lights are turned on.
3. Installation
– Place the twigs in the foundation hole
– Prepare the led lamp string in a glass tube (whether from a bottle, a long jar, glass / other glass tubes). led thread lights are turned several times in a glass tube.
– Attach the glass tube to the foundation, while the led string is made to be attached to the branch / twigs, and some others leave it around it.
This lamp can also be placed outdoors, because the glass tube can protect it from the rain though.

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