3 Ways to Draw a Flower Sketch

Drawing is one of the activities that can be used as relaxation from the fatigue of daily activities. Maybe many of you who think drawing needs talent from birth. In fact, with a training routine you can also create a variety of beautiful picture creations.

One that you can try is to draw a sketch of a flower. This one object is quite easy to draw. Do not believe? Let’s just practice the steps to draw the following various flower sketches.

Ways to Draw a Flower Sketch

1. Steps to draw sunflower sketches

These yellow flowers may look difficult to draw. In fact, if you know step by step, drawing sunflowers is not difficult. Next step by step to draw sunflowers that you can try.

– Draw a jagged circle
– Make a jagged circle with a larger size
– Continue to draw the flower petals by giving the distance between the petals
– Fill the empty space by drawing other flower petals
– Draw a V-shape between large flower petals for extra petals
– Two straight lines as a stem
– Draw a curved line on the right side of the stem
– Draw curved lines with a more upward position and a slightly longer size
– Add a curved line below the first line that was created
– Draw two arches to form a leaf
– Draw a leaf on the other side then add detail lines in the middle
– Give details of serrations on the flower circle
– Draw a straight line right in the middle of the flower petals
– Color the flowers and the picture is finished.

2. Steps to draw a tulip sketch

Drawing tulips is quite easy and simple. Just follow the steps below.

– Draw two lines with a slightly curved position as a bar
– Make a U shape at the top for the flower petals
– Draw a line from the left end of the lid to the stem in a curved position
– Make the same lines, but this time only get to the first half of the flower petals
– Make the letter V inverted right in the middle of the lid
– Draw leaves by making two curved lines with pointed edges
– Draw a second leaf in a lower position
– Add inverted V images between empty flower petals
– Add a few small lines to the leaves and flower petals so the picture looks more detailed
– Paint the picture with the color you like, the tulip sketch is finished

3. Steps to make a sketch of a rose

To draw a rose that is in bloom you just need to follow the following steps.

– Draw the letter c, then draw a line in the middle to form a small circle
– Make a return line shape of the letter C, this time around the circle that has been made
– This time make the petals by drawing wavy lines
– Add a wavy line with a larger size
– Fill the blank side by drawing a similar shape but the size is getting bigger
– You can add a picture of the petal by making a wave on the outside
– Refill the empty side between the two petals that you have made before
– Continue drawing to the size of the lids you want
– For details, you can make a small line in the center of the flower petals
– Figure 2 adjacent V shapes with small size for their leaves
– You can add it in several places
– Now draw a leaf of a larger size
– Make a line on the leaves that have been made
– Your color and rose are done.

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