Tricks How to Make Bracelets from Duct Tape

What can not be made from duct tape, No loss of buying duct tape, because of its many functions you can use it to become a variety of unique creativity that can be read in this article.
The tutorial:
a. Scissors
b. Duct tape
Use the type of duct tape printing / pattern that is patterned / pictorial duct tape or can also color duct tape.

How to Make Bracelets from Duct Tape

1. Measure the length of the palm first hand that you want to make a bracelet.
This tape is permanent, so don’t measure the circumference of the wrist, you won’t be able to get in, but measure the width of the middle of the palm of your hand.
For example, I use a tape measuring 5 cm wide, then a grade 1 elementary school boy, I measure the circumference of his wrist with a measuring tape is 13 cm, but the largest circular size of the width of his palm is 16 cm.
Length of duct tape that needs to be cut is 16cm + 1cm (for overlap) = 17cm.
2. After being cut, the duct tape insulation is folded / glued – fit in the middle lengthwise, so that the duct tape which was previously 5 cm wide, now has a width of 2. 5 cm with a length of 17 cm.
It should be noted that the one end of the insulation should not be too folded, but make it slightly open.
To add to the uniqueness, you can combine 2 duct tape printing or 2 different color duct tape overlapping / partially arranged.
3. Finally, wrap the duct tape isolation and insert one end into the other end which was slightly open, insert it only 1 cm deep, then glue the tape and press it firmly so that it is not easy to open / detach again.
Don’t forget, clippers the edges that are not neat or out, so that the sides of the bracelet look good to look at.

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