Great ideas for cheap gifts

Holidays, birthdays and other special occasions are opportunities to give a gift to someone you like. A gift should be very personal and possibly also useful in order to make a lot of fun.

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Rather, it is measured by its inner value. You can use free templates for birthday cards and give your friends and family a very special feeling with the following inspirations.

Homemade candles
Candles give every room warmth, light and cosiness. They are an excellent gift for almost everyone! If you make them yourself, you can not only customize the color, fragrance and appearance, but the personal design also makes the gift twice as unique.

Embroider leather and sew a card case
If you want to give away vouchers this year, make the gift look more unique and personal with an embroidered leather card case. Embroidering on leather is not as tricky as you might think! A homemade case for vouchers is pretty, elegant and much more meaningful than a paper envelope.

Bath bombs
Skip the expensive visit to a trendy soap shop and make your bubbly bath bombs at home. These soaps are very popular, and they are an exciting yet simple gift. This gift idea, perhaps in combination with a bottle of wine, is well received every birthday.

Hand-embroidered romper panties
Are you looking for an original gift idea for a baby’s birthday? Decorate a simple romper panties with the design of your choice. Mother and child will really appreciate this unique piece.

Embroidered headphones
Headphone cables often break. If you don’t spend a lot of the money on a good couple, you have to replace them all the time. Protect the wires from everyday wear (and make them look pretty!) with a personal embroidery work. This birthday present is especially popular with teenagers. Another bonus: the cables don’t get tangled anymore.

Hand-bound leather book
Enthusiastic readers, scribbled daydreamers, dedicated journalists and frequent writers are ideal recipients of this special gift. Tie a notebook in leather for a practical but surprisingly simple gift.

Embroidered bouquet
A traditional bouquet for your birthday is always a welcome gift. But imagine the expression of joy on someone’s face when they receive a beautiful embroidered bouquet from you for their birthday. This bouquet of flowers does not wither and finds a place of honour in every household.

Cinnamon & Sugar Peeling for Hands
A sweet-smelling hand scrub is a wonderful gift idea that doesn’t just fit into the Christmas season. You can give it away at any time of the year and for any occasion.

Colorful Paper Flower Bookmark
These pretty bookmarks are the perfect children’s gifts. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the delighted face of a child when he presents his masterpiece to the friend or girlfriend.

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