Design Ideas for Children’s Playground in the Home

Playground has become one of the characteristics that is very interesting for children. Nowadays many parents specifically make children’s playground so that children do not need to leave the house. Another good impact is that it can make children feel very comfortable in the house without having to play in public places. Parents can try to shift the function of the room or add to the function of the room. Because ordinary play spaces are specifically not designed for certain types of dwellings.

Design Ideas for Children’s Playground in the Home

1. Illusion of Trees in the Room

The first design is especially for you who own a two-story house. Usually the area close to the stairs leading to the second floor can be used as a family room. It turns out that this section can also be used for play rooms as well as family rooms. A tree wallpaper decoration can be mounted on a wall close to the stairs. Then on the side of the stairs mounted some game tools such as surfboards or seesaw. Various types of games can be placed in a storage box so that the room remains neat. A sofa to relax when watching children play can also be installed in the middle of the room. When viewed from a distance, then the impression of this room like being supported by a tree. This design is also suitable for a simple two-storey minimalist home.

2. Natural Playground in the Home

Natural playgrounds can be realized by creating playgrounds that really exist in the house. Sometimes children often want to play outside because they can see trees and flowers. You do not need to worry because this playground can you build near the home garden. The concept is to make a play house in a special park to play. The wooden house is very attractive for this design. Then complete with a playground like wood to climb, stairs to climb to the second floor of a wooden house, and other game areas. This simple design is definitely very interesting for children.

3. Modern Playroom Design

If you have a house with a modern tropical architectural concept, then you can create a playground with a play concept. This room can be combined with the living room or family room. For example, by making the corner of the living room or family room into a playground for children. The room can be made with a wooden house design. Then a simple and safe children’s rock climbing wall can be installed on the wall. Basically with this design, you can put a variety of children’s play equipment.

4. Colorful Playroom Design

Introducing various types of colors is very interesting for children. It is also important for children’s eye health. Now the idea of implementing a colorful playroom can be very interesting and unique. You can make interior designs with colorful walls and house poles for children. Then wall decorations such as paintings and wall hangings must also be made in full color. No need for luxury items, but you can also make wall hangings from used items. Then on the floor so it does not look plain then you can be given a carpet with attractive colors and contrast with the walls.

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