He Rubs a Wax Candle on His Shoes! Why? Just Amazing!

He rubs a wax candle on his shoes! Why? Just amazing!

The autumn and winter season is here and you know the weather and all the rain and snow. The struggle to keep your feet dry is tough. There is nothing worse than stalking through the winter snow with wet feet and socks.
We know this problem and I personally hate it when my socks are wet. I can’t bear it. We decided to look and try some good, simple and clever hacks that will help with the above mentioned fight.
We’ve found the easiest way to make your shoes waterproof in just two simple steps.
It takes five minutes and an ordinary household candle. Simply rub a candle over your shoes so that it is completely covered with wax. Then heat the wax with a hair dryer. This thin layer of wax repels the water from your shoes. Really needs to know life hack. Watch the video below and enjoy it!

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