12 Useful Hacks That Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

12 useful hacks that make your shoes more comfortable

There are always some useful and creative tricks to help you improve your style. You know that we are always here to give you the most impressive and interesting tips when you are looking for everything related to your style, your outfit etc
For today we found something useful and something that will solve a big problem for most women. We’ll give you 12 helpful tips to make your shoes more comfortable. Look below, we’re sure you’d like to use some of these useful ideas. Enjoy!

1. Grinding paper soles for better traction

2.Tie your third and fourth toes together to hack high heels

3.How to repair squeaky shoes?

4.How to make your shoes waterproof
5.Banish bubbles with clear deodorant in bubble-prone places

6.Super random secret trick

7. How do I stretch the shafts of the high calf boots?

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